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I feel lucky to have spent my childhood years in Holland and South Africa. The striking difference in cultures, landscapes and creative expression deeply inspired me then and still does today. Those growing up years, my travels and making my home in Toronto’s collage of culture have all come together as my apprenticeship as a visual artist. As an Editorial Illustrator my work has been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Body & Soul, Travel & Leisure to name just a few. Today, as a POP Artist my focus is on Portraits of People and People in Places.

The vast and intricate differences of nature - in colour, patterns, motifs and image always mesmerize me.

Equally, Dance, Architecture, Music and Fashion constantly inspire - the ways we find to express our collective and individual lives fascinates me.

Then there is the excitement to capture these moments. It never stops. I still feel like that little girl of five when my grandmother gave me my first box of coloured pencils. My fate was sealed.